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About Us

About Us

Located in Goodmayes, Iman Restaurant and Takeaway provides its customers with an unforgettable dining experience, alongside the option of choosing to takeaway.
Being HMC certified gives our customers the assurance of clean and high quality halal food, served with the utmost care and passion. We use only the finest of ingredients to produce the most flavoursome food, that which customers surely remember.
With an emphasis on giving our customers a memorable dining experience, we go above and beyond to offer the best of the best. The warm atmosphere in the restaurant combined with our helpful and friendly staff only adds to giving our customers a pleasant and peaceful experience. As for the food, our lead chef, Ustad Zafar Pahlwan, brings it to life with his incomparable experience. Perfecting the food at each step of the way, has led to what we have now, exquisite food for all to indulge in.
Taking inspiration from the foods of Pakistan, and heavily influenced by the foods in Lahore, we have brought together an authentic menu. Customers are spoilt for choice with our given array of food. With our specials like the Halwa puri on Sundays, alongside the usuals like the classic Biryani, gives customers the best of choices to make.
We are more than just a restaurant, we bring people together to have good quality time, whilst indulging in delicious authentic food. Customers always return for the hospitality and food we have to offer. We are very proud of what we do and strongly believe in the quality and taste of our food.


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"The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating"

Our Team

Team that make the place Magical

Manu Victorine


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Ustad Zafar

Ustad Zafar


Special chef of Lahore Black pepper lamb karahi and chiken karahi

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Khan Muhammad

Khan Muhammad


Mr Khan Muhammad is phenomenal cook, with natural instincts to play with spices.He is the most amazing cook in the town.

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